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1000 Jobs for Chicagoans: Revitalizing Manufacturing in Chicagoland

1000 Jobs Campaign

Manufacturing is the foundation of Atlas Tube (along with the five other divisions of JMC Steel Group). Without the men and women who operate our facilities day in and day out, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and neither would our economy.

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Four Reasons the American Structural Steel Industry is Alive and Well


All content is from the American Institute of Steel Construction

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Crumbling U.S. Infrastructure is Opportunity for Construction Growth

atlas Infrastructure

It’s well understood that in some way or another, U.S. infrastructure—energy, transportation, public safety and buildings—are dependent upon steel for construction and security. 

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Why Domestic Manufacturing is Important Now More than Ever

American manufacturing has a long history of a favorable, patriotic indication and a track record of top notch innovation. According to a recent poll, voters say that creating jobs, specifically in manufacturing, and strengthening manufacturing in the U.S., are top economic priorities.

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