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HSS Design Tools: The HSS Library


HSS Design Tools: The HSS Library

There’s a lot of information around the internet on HSS products – so much so that it’s hard to keep track of it all! Instead of going to multiple sources to find the latest information on HSS, we’ve compiled the best articles into a new section on our website – the HSS Library.

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HSS Project Spotlight: Skydance Bridge


If you have visited Atlas Tube’s website or read up on our literature recently, you may have noticed an interesting structure that we’ve showcased that was made from HSS. That structure is the Skydance Bridge.

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Designing with HSS: ASTM A1085 Specification Pocket Reference Guide



ASTM A1085 was developed to improve performance issues related to HSS used in seismic and bridge applications and to make HSS more economical and efficient, raising the bar for construction—especially bridge and seismic design.

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Five Interesting Facts About Manufacturing You May Not Know

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When you work in manufacturing, you get to see some really neat things. Take us at Zekelman Industries - being the largest independent tubular products producer in North America, all of our tubular products that we manufacture are formed into a round shape first! So even that square HSS section you installed in your latest project actually started as a round tube. Here are five more of my favorite facts on manufacturing that you should know:

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9 Interesting Facts about U.S. Infrastructure Spending

Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure 2014
Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure by category 2014
Fed Govt and State and Local govt shares of spending on infrastructure by category 2014
Federal Spending Infrastructure 2014

As 2015 comes to an end, we wanted to take some time to look at an area that has a significant impact on our pipe piles product division: infrastructure spending. An option for deep foundation support, our ERW straight seam pipe piling products have been used throughout the country in various infrastructure projects, including bridges and structures, as well as other DOT and US Army Corps of Engineers’ projects (if you’d like additional information about these projects, please contact us).

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