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Increasing A1085 Awareness at SEAoO Annual Conference, September 8-9 2016

Last week, Atlas Tube attended the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio (SEAoO) Annual Conference in Columbus, OH. With over 100 professional engineers and aspiring (student) engineers in attendance, the SEAoO Conference offered a variety of technical sessions for individuals to earn PDH credits (up to 15 total).  Our favorite program from the two-day conference was Duane Miller of Lincoln Electric: “Welded Connections: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. During Mr. Miller’s talk, he showcased what a good weld is vs a bad weld with visual evidence. He also helped to “demystify” HSS connections by showing a variety of HSS welds in practical applications – attendees were genuinely interested in this topic!

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HSS In the Wild

rooftop garden

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) help engineers create some pretty cool things every day – from tall skyscrapers for us to live and work in, to dynamic bridges connecting us from to and fro. But HSS products aren’t always used in such large scale projects – in fact, HSS is all around us, every day! As I travel around, I take snap shots here and there of HSS In The Wild to show all the interesting uses and applications this versatile product can be used in. Atlas Tube produces HSS products up to 18x18 square 0.625 wall (along with the corresponding rectangles) and rounds up to 20”. Along with JUMBO HSS sizes beyond 18x18 square, it gives you the flexibility to let your imagination run wild and create whatever you want. What projects will you use HSS in next? 

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Five Interesting Facts About Manufacturing You May Not Know

IMG 0107

When you work in manufacturing, you get to see some really neat things. Take us at Zekelman Industries - being the largest independent tubular products producer in North America, all of our tubular products that we manufacture are formed into a round shape first! So even that square HSS section you installed in your latest project actually started as a round tube. Here are five more of my favorite facts on manufacturing that you should know:

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Product Showdown: A500 vs A513

A common question that comes up when buying tubing is the difference between A500 and A513 material. Customers often assume the specifications are interchangeable but when we delve deeper into the specs, we see there are significant differences.

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Recapping SuperPile 2016

Tour SuperPile16

SuperPile is a conference hosted by the Deep Foundations Institute ( According to their website, nine of DFI’s technical committees combine their resources to put on this annual show. SuperPile travels every year to a different city and this year it visited Chicago, IL, the home of one of Atlas Pipe Piles Manufacturing Facilities.

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