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Product Showdown: A500 vs A513

A common question that comes up when buying tubing is the difference between A500 and A513 material. Customers often assume the specifications are interchangeable but when we delve deeper into the specs, we see there are significant differences.

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Recapping SuperPile 2016

Tour SuperPile16

SuperPile is a conference hosted by the Deep Foundations Institute ( According to their website, nine of DFI’s technical committees combine their resources to put on this annual show. SuperPile travels every year to a different city and this year it visited Chicago, IL, the home of one of Atlas Pipe Piles Manufacturing Facilities.

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Student Day 2016: An introduction to ERW pipe piles for engineering students

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, we welcomed an attentive and inquisitive group of undergrad and graduate engineering students from UIC and IIT to our Atlas Tube plant in Chicago for Student Day.

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Static Load Testing of Driven Piles

As a continuing service to our clients, Atlas Tube routinely enlists the services of industry leaders in matters related to driven pipe piles. This is the sixth in a series of topics provided at our request by Wagner Komurka Geotechnical Group, Inc.

Driven pile test programs may include static load testing, which involves incrementally loading a pile while measuring (at a minimum) pile deflection. Static loads may be applied in axial compression (from the top down, or from the bottom up), in axial tension, or laterally. The most-common type of static load test is top-down axial compression. It is worth emphasizing that the main objective of static testing is to characterize soil behavior. In pile design, this is where the majority of uncertainty exists, as pile behavior can be predicted reasonable well. Static compression and tension load test piles may be instrumented to obtain load-transfer information (i.e., shaft resistance distribution) to correlate with static analyses and/or dynamic testing results, characterize set-up, estimate shaft resistance in scour, down force, or liquefiable zones, etc. Static lateral load test piles may be instrumented to obtain deflected-shape information to aid in refining lateral pile design software input parameters.

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9 Interesting Facts about U.S. Infrastructure Spending

Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure 2014
Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure by category 2014
Fed Govt and State and Local govt shares of spending on infrastructure by category 2014
Federal Spending Infrastructure 2014

As 2015 comes to an end, we wanted to take some time to look at an area that has a significant impact on our pipe piles product division: infrastructure spending. An option for deep foundation support, our ERW straight seam pipe piling products have been used throughout the country in various infrastructure projects, including bridges and structures, as well as other DOT and US Army Corps of Engineers’ projects (if you’d like additional information about these projects, please contact us).

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