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When will we finally take action on America’s crumbling infrastructure?

U.S. infrastructure is a problem. A problem the United States has been well aware of for quite some time. A problem many have addressed in the recent months, like here and here.

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Improved Pile Design: Load Matching Evaluation (Part 1)

Figure 1 Minimum Number Piles
Figure 2 Optimum Allowable Pile Load

As a continuing service to our clients, Atlas Tube routinely enlists the services of industry leaders in matters related to driven pipe piles.  This is the third in a series of topics provided at our request by Wagner Komurka Geotechnical Group, Inc.

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HSS Showdown: ASTM A1085 vs ASTM A500

A1085 HSS vs A500 HSS

Although it’s been around for a couple years, there's still a great deal of unfamiliarity surrounding the ASTM A1085 HSS spec. In an effort to continue to educate engineers about the applications and benefits of HSS (and that really is our mission at Atlas Tube), let’s compare a few of the properties that set ASTM A1085 apart from ASTM A500- 13 Grade B.

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Increasing ASTM A1085 Awareness at Structures Congress 2015

structures congress 2015 3

Last week, Atlas Tube attended Structures Congress 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Surrounded by 1,200 structural engineers and industry professionals, Structures Congress offers a variety of technical sessions and networking sessions ideal for learning about new design methods, innovations and applications. With 120 technical sessions available, there was no shortage of learning at the conference!

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A Quick Recap of 2015’s NASCC: The Steel Conference

Atlas Tube NASCC Booth
NASCC Brad talking

Last week, Atlas Tube joined more than 220 exhibitors in Nashville, Tennessee for AISC’s NASCC: The Steel Conference. For three days, over 3,500 (a record-breaking year for attendance) engineers, fabricators, erectors and students were able to learn about structural steel design and construction, interact with industry peers and see the latest products in steel structures.

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