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Designing with HSS: The Availability of ASTM A1085 High Performance HSS


Every tradeshow or meeting I attend, a few engineers tell me about their experience specifying A1085 on a project:

  • My fabricator told me you can’t get that size in A1085
  • It’s going to take too long to get that item as an A1085
  • I would love to use A1085 on my project but the service center we use doesn’t stock it
  • I specified A1085 but was sent A500 instead
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A Guide to A1085 (Frequently Asked Questions)

As I travel the country talking to colleagues, I get a lot of questions about A1085. Since some of the same questions come up time and time again, I thought it would be helpful if I wrote them down as part of a “Frequently Asked Questions” guide to A1085. I hope you find this FAQ helpful when designing with A1085 on your next project.

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HSS Showdown: ASTM A1085 vs ASTM A500

A1085 HSS vs A500 HSS

Although it’s been around for a couple years, there's still a great deal of unfamiliarity surrounding the ASTM A1085 HSS spec. In an effort to continue to educate engineers about the applications and benefits of HSS (and that really is our mission at Atlas Tube), let’s compare a few of the properties that set ASTM A1085 apart from ASTM A500- 13 Grade B.

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Recent Trade Shows Prove to be Great Place to Launch New A1085 Spec


This year, Atlas Tube exhibited at both the North American Steel Construction Conference (NASCC) on April 17-19 in St. Louis and the ASCE Structures Congress on May 2-4 in Pittsburgh. Both conferences were well attended, with NASCC attracting nearly 3800 engineers, students, service centers, fabricators, detailers and contractors, and Structures Congress attracting around 1000 structural engineers, faculty and students.

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