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The following articles have been compiled from leading resources including AISC and the Steel Tube Institute. The Library will be updated monthly with different articles on a variety of topics. All the articles featured can be found in our archive section that can be accessed here.

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AISC 120

What’s New With Prequalified Connections?

This paper presents new connection details that focus on structural performance, economy and productivity.

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Square and Rectangular HSS-to-HSS Moment Connections

Details and development of HSS-to-HSS moment connections.

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Strength and Stiffness of RHS beam to RHS Concrete Filled Column Joints

Method for calculating the strength and stiffness of RHS beam to RHS concrete filled column connections.

AISC 120

Effective Weld Properties for Hollow Structural Section T-Connections under Branch In-Plane Bending

This paper analyzes the data of prior weld-critical tests on different types of connections and shows property weld properties using this data.

AISC 120

Structural Details To Increase Ductility of Connections

This paper provides details on why connection cracks may occur and what can be done to help prevent them and increase ductility


AISC 120

Design of Concrete-Filled Hollow Structural Steel Columns for Fire Endurance

This paper presents and provides details on a design method for concrete-filled HSS columns that will enhance fire resistance.

AISC 120

Getting Filled In On Composite Columns

A look at details on composite columns and changes to composite column design.

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Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Tubes

Highlights details, advantages, and uses of concrete­filled double­skin tubes.

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Practical Guidance for Concrete Filled HSS Column

Basic guide to the benefits and design specifications of concrete-filled HSS columns.

Leigh Univ

An Experimental Evaluation of a Welded and Bolted Moment Connection for Concrete Filled Steel Tube Column Moment Resisting Frames in Seismic Zones

A detailed thesis highlighting the difference between a bolted and a welded connection.


AISC 120

Designing With Structural Tubing

This paper discusses design considerations and characteristics of HSS that influence structural behavior.

AISC 120

Proper Application of Steel Beam Load Restriction Factors to UL Designs

A rundown on how to properly use UL designs for steel beams, mainly for load restrictions.

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Design of Fillet Welds to Rectangular HSS

Design philosophies for fillet weld design.

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Structural design using cold-formed hollow sections

This paper discusses specifics that would affect a structural designer's methods and how to go about it.

AISC 120

Material Considerations in Structural Steel Design

This paper focuses on material considerations and discusses material factors that are important in the fabrication and design of steel structures.


AISC 120

Facts for Steel Buildings #1: Fire Facts

Everything you need to know on fire and steel buildings.

AISC 120

Fire Resistance of Structural Steel

Everything you need to know about the fire resistance of structural steel, including calculation methods.

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Heat Treating HSS

The advantages of heat treated HSS.

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Performance-based Approaches For High Strenth Tubular Columns and Connections Under Earthquake and Fire Loadings

This paper goes into the different types of loadings and how they effect columns and connections.

AISC 120

Thermal Prestressing of Structural Steel

This article highlights a thermal pre-testing method that can be used on structural steel


AISC 120

The Staggered Truss System-Structural Considerations

Structural considerations and details when using the staggered truss system.

AISC 120

Steel Joist Floor Systems: Best Practices

Best guidelines and advice on steel joists floor systems in floor construction.

AISC 120

Behaviour of Column - Flat Slab Connections

Details and behavior of column - flat slab connections.

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