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Designing Truss Connections [VIDEO]

on November 25, 2014

When designing truss connections, there are several considerations you must take keep in mind to ensure a successful design. Some of these considerations include, but are not limited to, joint strength, fabrication costs, the number and type of connections, and the number of different sized web members.

In case you are not too familiar with designing truss connections, we have created a video – as part of our ongoing Designing with HSS Video Series – for your reference.

 In the following video, you will learn:

ü  The different joint types and how to increase joint capacity

ü  How to decrease fabrication costs

ü  Things to look for and think about when designing a truss


While this video should help you get started, here are some additional resources for designing truss connections:

Have questions about designing truss connections? Share them in the comments below or contact me at