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Designing with HSS: The Availability of ASTM A1085 High Performance HSS

on July 27, 2017


Every tradeshow or meeting I attend, a few engineers tell me about their experience specifying A1085 on a project:

  • My fabricator told me you can’t get that size in A1085
  • It’s going to take too long to get that item as an A1085
  • I would love to use A1085 on my project but the service center we use doesn’t stock it
  • I specified A1085 but was sent A500 instead

After hearing these stories, we realized we had to make it easier for individuals to know what the availability of ASTM A1085 is when they are specifying it on a project. Today, we are introducing the ASTM A1085 Availability Chart. The new ASTM A1085 Availability Chart includes the most common round, square and rectangle HSS sizes currently manufactured to the ASTM A1085 standard. We’ve divided the sizes into four availability categories:

  • Sizes that are highlighted in blue are the most readily available ASTM A1085 sizes. These are rolled every 2-6 weeks and require a minimum order of one standard bundle
  • Sizes that are highlighted in green are rolled every 2-6 weeks. However, these sizes might be subject to minimum orders of 15-30 tons
  • Sizes that are highlighted in yellow are not as readily available. These roll every 6-12 weeks and might be subject to minimum orders of 15-30 tons
  • Sizes that are highlighted in magenta are JUMBO HSS sizes. These can be in stock but more often are a special-order tubular product

We have the capability of producing other sizes to the ASTM A1085 standard – if you don’t see a size listed on the chart that you are hoping to use on a project, please reach out to me directly so I can offer you the design assistance you require.

The new ASTM A1085 Availability Chart can be downloaded for free here. We currently have three service center partners in the western part of the United States that stock A1085 HSS with more coming soon to the Midwest and East Coast.

Do you have more question about HSS or A1085? Email me today at