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Free EPOX Z KOTE Savings Analysis

on March 15, 2011

How Much Will You Save?  Let’s find out.

Atlas Tube offers complimentary EPOX Z KOTE Powder Primed Tube samples and a cost saving analysis report for all manufacturing trials. We provide an independent industrial engineer to examine your manufacturing process and its associated costs. To determine your potential EPOX Z KOTE tube savings, the industrial engineer records and analyzes the incremental differences in processing time and consumable materials. A confidential report is submitted to you upon conclusion of the trial.

Are you ready to uncover even more profit?

Call your Atlas representative today and request your own EPOX Z KOTE Savings Analysis.

Compatible Paint and Coatings

  • Powder Coat Epoxy, Polyester and Hybrid
  • Water based paint
  • Solvent based paint
  • Two component paint

Product Availability

  • Squares — 1.5”x 1.5” through 8”x 8”
  • Rectangle — 2”x 1” through 10”x 6”
  • Rounds — 1.5 NPS through 8 NPS
  • Gauges — .083 through .500

Atlas Tube continuously expands and refines its product offerings. Consult with your sales representative for up-to-date size ranges and product availabilities. EPOX Z KOTE Powder Primed Tubing is produced in accordance with ASTM A500 or A513 standards, as required.

Some EPOX Z KOTE Applications

  • Farm Implements (tillage/planting/harvesting)
  • Shelters (parks/recreation/shade)
  • Rail Car Construction
  • Utility Trailers
  • Timber Handling Equipment
  • Wall Components
  • HVAC/Clean Rooms
  • Commercial Turf Equipment
  • Aircraft Hanger Door Frames
  • House Jack Posts
  • Mining Conveyors
  • Basketball Poles
  • Communication Enclosures
  • Boat Trailers
  • Fences
  • Landscape Equipment (stump grinders/mulchers)
  • Control Systems (buildings/crane cabs)
  • Trash Containers
  • Industrial Equipment (saw drill presses, etc.)
  • Grain Bins (legs/supports)
  • Automotive Lifts

Welding EPOX Z KOTE Powder Primed Tubing

  • American Welding Society D1.1 prequalified procedure for directly welding through EPOX Z KOTE is available upon request.
  • Welding Guide.  A secure ground and use of solid core or metal core wire produces structurally sound welds.
  • Welding Fume Analysis.  An independent industrial hygiene evaluation was conducted during the welding of steel tubing coated with EPOX Z KOTE. “It is the certified industrial hygienists’ conclusion that fume concentration

levels generated while welding on EPOX Z KOTE are consistent with those generated while welding on uncoated metal.”

• EPOX Z KOTE Tubing is free from all solvents and does not emit any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) during application and welding.

Performance Values

  • Salt Spray — ASTM B117 EPOX Z KOTE met 1,000 hours with 3 mils of powder top coat zero creepage and no field blisters
  • Adhesion — ASTM D3359-90 5B
  • Impact — 100 lbs. without any de-lamination of coating
  • Flexible — 90° bends without cracking or flaking
  • DFT — 0.5 mil film thickness on average
  • As a primer, EPOX Z KOTE is designed to improve corrosion and chemical resistance with suitable topcoat protection