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The Many Applications Of Shuriken

on January 17, 2022

Shuriken is a revolutionary system for making one-sided connections with standard bolts, eliminating the need for complicated one-sided fasteners and field-welding. With Shuriken, all that’s required is a fast installation in the shop and standard A325 or A490 bolts in the field. In this blog post, you will learn about the installation process and some of the applications where Shuriken shines.


Shuriken is installed quickly in the shop and stays in place awaiting bolt installation in the field. Just hand tighten a nut and bolt, place Shuriken on top and tack weld the four corners. Then remove the bolt and ship the steel to the field.

HSS Splices

Simpler HSS splices were the inspiration for Shuriken. A Shuriken splice consists of four splice plates on the interior of the HSS member. Shuriken is mounted in the shop to the splice plates, which can then be shop bolted hand-tight to one of the HSS members. In the field, the two members are mated, and all bolts tightened. Pretensioned bolts can be installed if required using DTI washers.

Tight, tricky spots

One of the most common reasons designers’ resort to field-welding is a lack of access to install bolts. Shuriken is the disposable wrench that can go where hands and normal wrenches can’t. In this example, framing tight against an existing wall would prevent access for traditional bolting. Shuriken can be mounted on the shear tabs and beam flanges in the shop, eliminating the need for any beam cope or field-welding.

Truss Splices

HSS is a frequent choice for trusses, especially when exposed to view. Switching to bolted splices speeds field assembly, which is usually required since most trusses are too large to transport in one piece. Truss chords can be spliced with the same detail as an HSS column splice, while the web members include “structural covers” consisting of pieces of HSS cut in half along their length. This approach allows splices even when the splice plates on one side cannot be slid into the member on the other side. It’s also applicable to braces and other diagonal members.


SpeedCore is the most exciting development in high-rise construction in decades, with the ability to cut project timelines by months. But so far, all SpeedCore projects in the US have relied on welded splices between panels, resulting in miles of field-welding for a single project. Replacing the field-welds with bolts will accelerate SpeedCore projects even further.


Feature Stairs

Feature stairs breathe new life into existing spaces. But on-site assembly often means lots of field welding, especially if elevators limit piece length. Shuriken facilitates post and hanger connections, splices, and beam to beam connections. And with only bolt heads visible outside the tube, the result is aesthetically pleasing, even when the structure stays exposed to view.


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