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Recapping the AIA 2018 Architecture Expo

on August 3, 2018

In June, I attended the American Institute of Architects Architecture Expo at the Javits Center in New York City. For all the years I’ve been an engineer (which has been quite a long time now), I’ve never checked out this expo until now – which is surprising since architects love using HSS in their unique designs.

First, walking into the Javits Center is an experience – it’s very wide open with HSS and large glass windows in the lobby so you can peer out into the city – the AIA picked a great location for this year’s expo! The show itself was on two levels – the main level was massive with hundreds of different products on display in the 200,000 square foot space and its where I spent most of my time. The lower level featured new products and designs for residential applications – if you have any DIY projects for 2019, you should consider coming to the show to check out the newest products that will be available at a home improvement store near you!

One that fascinated me the most was a new exhibitor who designed modular stair systems. These systems are used at construction sites for safer access to higher levels while constructing buildings and built with HSS columns that support the system!

As I walked the floor, I was also able to meet up with many architects who were having a great time. Most were excited to sit in on the various sessions and classes the AIA was offering this year as well as see some of the newest product offerings from the 800 or so exhibitors that were at this year’s expo. Something that was different which I haven’t seen very often was the various classes the AIA offered on the show floor itself. These larger, “open air” classrooms let the architects learn the newest practices in the industry and afterwards go visit the new products on the market in one easy space.

I must give a quick shout out to my friends at the AISC (The American Institute of Steel Construction). The AIA Expo is a staple for them as they promote the benefits of building with structural steel to the architects who are dreaming up the newest buildings of tomorrow. This year, they were towards the entrance to the exhibit hall engaging visitors on architecturally exposed structural steel as they walked by.
Interested in learning more on the advantages HSS has in architecturally exposed steel structures? My newest Lunch and Learn covers that topic and is appropriate for architects and engineers. Sign up today! And as always, feel free to ​reach out to me if you have any questions on HSS.