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Steel hollow structural sections (HSS) offer engineers numerous advantages when they design. Not only do HSS deliver exceptional torsional resistance and compressive strength, but they also have less surface area than open sections and can weigh less in many applications, reducing project costs. Plus, HSS are aesthetically pleasing and are readily available in a wide range of sizes.

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Jumbo HSS Brochure

Find out more about what sets Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS apart.

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Shuriken Conceptual Details

Spark your imagination with conceptual details and sample configurations for field-bolted connections with Shuriken.

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HSS Availability Chart — Rounds, Squares and Rectangles

See what's available from Atlas Tube's mills.

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Shuriken Datasheet

Learn how Shuriken makes bolted field splices simple, fast and affordable.

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Big dreams need big tools to come alive — tools like Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS, the largest HSS made in North America. Designed to support the longest spans and most extreme loads, Jumbo HSS offer unbeatable efficiency, with strength-to-weight ratios that wide-flange sections can’t match. That means you can build taller and wider while saving tonnage and making the best use of space. So start planning big things today. Atlas Tube is ready to help bring those plans to life.

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Schedule a lunch and learn with Atlas Tube Structural Engineer Brad Fletcher.

Learn more about designing with HSS in a custom presentation designed to meet your organization’s needs.

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Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS

Are HSS right for your project? We’ll help crunch the numbers.

If you’re still wondering how Atlas Tube HSS can help you make your designs more efficient, our new lookup tool can help, letting you see load capacity for all our shapes and lengths, as well as search for sections that can support a given load.


Announcing our new jumbo sizes

Our biggest sizes ever are here. Watch our announcement video to learn more, and start planning big things today.

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See how simple HSS connections can be

Shuriken is a new technology from Atlas Tube that makes it fast, easy and affordable to splice HSS in the field with standard A325 or A490 bolts. Watch our demo video to see how it works.

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ASTM A1085 HSS vs. ASTM A500 HSS comparison video

Learn more about the differences between A1085 and the older A500 classifications, and how those differences can help you build stronger structures more efficiently.

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Washington Case Study

Washington University Olin Business School

St. Louis, MO
Learn how Atlas Tube HSS helped make this state-of-the-art building come to life, complete with a soaring, 175,000-square-foot glass atrium.

One Vanderbilt

New York, NY
See how the efficient strength-to-weight ratios offered by HSS helped architects crown a supertall skyscraper with an elegant spire.