Driving success in expansive soil

Learn about the Texas Pile foundation project and how Atlas Tube can help you build efficiently in challenging conditions.

Texas Pile case study

With Atlas Tube’s support, Texas Pile was able to efficiently and cost-effectively drive foundational pipe piles in expansive clay soil. Learn how a pre-production test pile program led the team to shift their foundation design, resulting in a savings of 16 weeks and $5.6 million. Atlas Tube’s customized rolling schedule and logistical support helped propel the project forward.

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Unmatched support on every project

No project is too small and no challenge too big for the Atlas Tube engineering team. From production and specification to developing custom solutions, we’re ready to help with your specific project needs. When you work with us, you’ll get:

  • Access to the industry’s largest size range of straight-seam ERW pipe piles
  • Long length (100+ ft.) and custom length piles
  • The shortest lead times
  • The highest-quality pipe piles
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