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Conical Points for ERW Pipe Piles

on December 22, 2016

ERW Pipe Piles are very versatile in the Deep Foundations Industry. One point that makes them diverse is the various attachments that can be applied at the end of the pile so they are better suited for different soil conditions. Over the next few months, we will be exploring the various components that can be attached to the end of a pile to increase their usefulness. The first in our series we will look into is conical points.

conical pointsA conical point is made from cast steel and conforms to the ASTM A27 65/35 or A145 80/40. This ERW Pipe Pile attachment helps to improve penetration as it is driven into the soil while preserving the friction mechanics of the pile. As it is driven into the ground and encounters uneven rock, the point helps to distribute the shock load evenly, not causing added stresses on one section of the pile. When not using the attachment, this can occur. Typically, the conical point has a sixty-degree configuration that is preferred over flatter angles.

There are two types of conical points that can be applied. An inside-flanged conical point is attached with a simple weld typically performed by certified welders. Inside-flanged points can be limited by the thickness of the pile. There is also an outside flanged conical point that does not need to be welded but instead is made to fit the end of the pile.

As a manufacturer of ERW Pipe Piles, we team up with multiple vendors in different locations and offer conical points as a value added service for our customers. If you would like to learn more about this and our other value added services, please visit our page here. For more information on our ERW Pipe Piles, please contact our product Manager, Chris Ragan, at any time: .