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HSS Design Tools: The HSS Library

on August 11, 2017


HSS Design Tools: The HSS Library

There’s a lot of information around the internet on HSS products – so much so that it’s hard to keep track of it all! Instead of going to multiple sources to find the latest information on HSS, we’ve compiled the best articles into a new section on our website – the HSS Library.

The HSS Library is a series of articles we’ve compiled from the industry’s leading sources, including AISC and the Steel Tube Institute. Each month, we will select up to five articles we are highlighting as our featured papers. After the articles have been “on the shelf” for a month, they will be moved to the archive section and a new set will move in. Much like your local library, we’ve divided it into several sections depending on the information you are looking for:

Connections: One of our most frequently asked questions about HSS is connections and their design. The articles here offer guidance, and perhaps some answers, to your HSS connections questions

Composite: Composite HSS (or concrete filled tubes) are becoming more and more popular in today’s design. We’ve collected multiple articles that pertain to this exciting and economical use of HSS

Design: HSS is extremely versatile, so you can explore designs not possible with other structural products. This section of the HSS library discusses considerations you should take as well as welds and material design thoughts HSS has

Fire: Fire and fire proofing questions are beginning to pop up more frequently as HSS continue to grow in popularity as a structural member. The fire section of the HSS library give you everything you need to know when it comes to fire and HSS, including calculation methods for fire resistance properties.

Systems: HSS works in multiple systems including steel joists and flat slab connections. This section features papers on multiple systems currently in the marketplace and will showcase new products that work well with HSS.

The HSS library is available today and can be accessed here . Unlike your local library, it can be accessed anytime – even after hours (and no late fees)! If you find new articles about HSS, please send them to me at so I can include them in our growing library.