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Think ASTM A1085 HSS when Designing Structures Where Member Size Matters

on December 17, 2018
Think A1085 for Architectural Demands

When you’re designing a large, open structure, you can’t let the supports get in the way of the aesthetics or the functionality of the space. But this can be a challenge when designing with ASTM A500 HSS. Variation in wall thickness with this spec forces you to err on the side of larger sections — making it harder to meet size limitations and architectural requirements. For example, sometimes architectural demands require engineers to consider smaller sizes in applications that are highly aesthetic, like cladding systems or atrium structures.

But if you design your structure with ASTM A1085 HSS, the tighter wall thickness tolerances allow you to use the full nominal cross-sectional properties in your design. That means you can potentially use smaller sections, creating more open floor space or meeting the size limitations imposed by architectural demands. You’ll use less steel and create a more aesthetically appealing and flexible space. That’s why today’s engineers think A1085 for their structures where column size matters. Check out this video to learn more!