New Jumbo HSS Sizes.
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It's Easy to Work with HSS

HSS are stronger and weigh less than many comparable sections, making them an efficient choice when it’s important to minimize weight and project time. They’re a cost-effective alternative to open sections and built-up, welded box sections, and their smaller surface area make painting and clean-up a cinch.

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HSS Introductory Brochure

Learn more about HSS and how they’re used today.

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Jumbo HSS Mill Flythrough

Take a tour of our Jumbo HSS mill, the largest of its kind, in Blytheville, AR.

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HSS Availability Chart

See what’s available from Atlas Tube’s mills.

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Jumbo HSS Brochure

Find out more about what sets Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS apart.

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Big buildings need big tools — tools like Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS, the largest HSS made in North America. Designed to support the longest spans and most extreme loads, jumbo HSS offer unmatched structural efficiency, giving you impressive savings on weight and construction time compared to wide-flange sections. So start making big plans today. Atlas Tube is ready to help you build.

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Schedule a lunch and learn with Atlas Tube structural engineer Brad Fletcher.

Learn more about building with HSS in a custom presentation designed to meet your organization’s needs.

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Announcing our new jumbo sizes

Our biggest sizes ever are here. Watch our announcement video to learn more, and start planning big things today.

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HSS Connections: The Top Things You Should Know

Join our structural engineer Brad Fletcher as he walks you through just how easy HSS connections can be with a little planning.

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