Supporting possibilities with the largest HSS made in North America.

Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS can help you build bigger, wider and taller than ever before. Watch our announcement video to learn how these new sizes are changing what’s possible with structural steel.

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The Advantages of Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS

The largest HSS made in North America
Squares up to 22"
Rounds up to 28"
Rectangles up to 34" x 10"
Walls up to 1"
Higher strength-to-weight ratios than wide-flange sections
Get more support with a smaller footprint and less weight
Save time and steel by using fewer, stronger pieces
Easily order custom lengths, reducing waste and fabrication time
Available from our mill and several stocking distributors across North America
Shortest lead times in the industry so you get your product when you need it

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Now Available: Jumbo HSS rolled right here in the USA

Our new Blytheville, Arkansas, mill is now rolling Jumbo HSS up to 22″ square. Want to learn more? Read our press release or fill out the form below to get in touch.

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What makes Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS different?

Learn what sets the new Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS apart in this video for engineers, architects and fabricators.

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