Shuriken ®

Better Bolted Connections

Quickly and easily field bolt what you once had to weld with a built-in wrench that goes where your hands can’t.

Talk about a game-changer.

No Field Welds
Shuriken replaces field welds with field bolts.
Faster Install
Quicker field splices and visual inspections.
More Savings
No need for expensive field welding.
More Uses
HSS, SpeedCore, tight or inaccessible connections, and more.

With Shuriken, it’s 1, 2, 3, done.

Step 1

Simply tack weld Shuriken to metal plates in the shop.

Step 2

Install the metal plate to one piece of HSS, SpeedCore or other material.

Step 3

Field bolt the adjoining piece.


Shuriken Concept Details Book

Spark your imagination with conceptual details and sample configurations for field-bolted connections with Shuriken.

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Watch how Shuriken works.

It’s simpler than you think — we promise. Our quick video explains how Shuriken works and where it can be used.

Field bolt HSS. Seriously.

HSS offer high strength-to-weight ratios, exceptional torsional resistance, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but complicated connections and welds have traditionally been drawbacks. Not anymore. Shuriken allows you to skip the complicated connections and field bolt columns, trusses and beams.

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Shuriken allows you to field bolt SpeedCore plates together, saving miles of welding (yes, miles) on large-scale projects.


Get all the benefits of HSS without the field welds. Shuriken allows you to field bolt HSS columns, trusses and beams.

Tight spots

Tight or awkward spaces make connections a challenge. With Shuriken you can easily bolt connections in those hard-to-reach places.

Pedestrian bridges

Pedestrian bridges often require a high volume of cord connections and web member connections at tough angles. With Shuriken you can easily make stronger HSS connections in these tricky applications.

It’s all about speed.

Completing projects on time and on budget is getting harder and harder to do in a world plagued by supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and higher prices. Shuriken is an easy way to speed up timelines and complete projects faster than ever before.

Project spotlight

Bear Creek

“The Shuriken fastener system has been a game changer for our bolted splices. Speed and quality from the fabrication perspective, and the ability to have confidence in a nut that is restrained mechanically and not welded.”

– Mike Lewis, BCS Fabrication

Shuriken in action







Are you ready for the simplest HSS connections around?

If you’d like a sample or want to learn more about how Shuriken can help you find big efficiencies and open up new possibilities on your next steel construction project, get in touch with one of our steel engineers.

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Shuriken Datasheet

Learn how Shuriken makes bolted field splices simple, fast and affordable.

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