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Introduction of Common HSS Specifications

by Bradlee Fletcher on November 19, 2018

The use of tubular shapes is seen all around us in nature. Tube-like structures are naturally occurring in the bones of animals, bamboo and the stems of flowers. It’s no wonder HSS is so popular amongst structural engineers – from being a cost-effective structural member, to a high strength to weight ratio, to a uniform strength and aesthetical...

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What the Spec: Minimum Yield of ASTM A500

by Bradlee Fletcher on January 22, 2018

You’ve designed structures with HSS products throughout your career and enjoy using them – whether it is their greater design properties in both axis, or how they are particularly suited for compression column applications, HSS’s popularity continues to grow every year. And whenever we have tours at one of our manufacturing facilities acro...

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Product Showdown: A500 vs A513

by Jim Erhart on June 22, 2016

A common question that comes up when buying tubing is the difference between A500 and A513 material. Customers often assume the specifications are interchangeable but when we delve deeper into the specs, we see there are significant differences. What is A500 tubi...

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HSS Showdown: ASTM A1085 vs ASTM A500

by Bradlee Fletcher on May 15, 2015

Although it’s been around for a couple years, there's still a great deal of unfamiliarity surrounding the ASTM A1085 HSS spec. In an effort to continue to educate engineers about the applications and benefits of HSS (and that really is our mission at Atlas Tube), let’s compare a few of the properties that set ASTM A1085 apart from ASTM A500- 13...

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ASTM A500/A500M–13

by Jeffrey Packer on May 5, 2014

Most users of HSS are now aware of the new ASTM A1085 specification for "higher performance" HSS that was approved in 2013 and immediately manufactured by Atlas Tube. Details of the features of this HSS are readily available: In 2...

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