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Top Five Reasons to Use Composite HSS

by Bradlee Fletcher on March 7, 2018

Composite HSS, or concrete-filled tubes (CFT) as it is sometimes referred, is an underutilized form of design and construction that has several advantages.  The most common use is for columns supporting traditional steel framing or other floor systems such as Delta Beam with precast concrete planks. Let’s explore the top five reasons you...

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HSS In the Wild Pt 2

by Jim Erhart on December 14, 2016

HSS truly opens up the possibilities for architecturally exposed structural steel, allowing architects and structural engineers to meet the challenges of modern architecture and design the type of structures that break new aesthetic ground and enrich the public landscape. But it can also have everyday uses that are a...

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6 Stunning Steel Bridges

by Jim Erhart on March 10, 2015

Since the beginning of time, bridges have helped people (and their possessions) get from one place to another. An integral part of connecting populations and transporting goods, life without bridges would be quite difficult to say the least.  Rooted in natural elements and wood, modern bridges have come a long way since their incepti...

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How Chicago Laid the Foundation for High-Tech Architecture

by Jelani Rucker on September 12, 2012

It’s been one year since JMC Steel Group headquarters moved to Chicago and we’re proud to call the Windy City home. While it’s known for deep-dish pizza, blues music and the Super Bowl shuffle, we’re most proud of Chicago’s steel skyline and its use of hollow structural sections (HSS). Today, I want to provide you a little background on C...

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