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Preventing Steel Corrosion Before Applying Paint

by Mike Ziegler on February 7, 2013

Every day of my 13-year professional career has been spent in the paint and coatings industry. For all of those years, however, I’ve harbored a dark secret – I hate to paint. At least 90% of the walls of my house are (sort of) decorated with the same drab, neutral-colored house paint that was there when my wife and I first moved in years ago. I...

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Designing with HSS: Intro to HSS Connections

by Bradlee Fletcher on January 16, 2013

The Designing with HSS video series is back. In the latest video, I discuss the various types of connections and the unique challenges involved when designing with hollow structural sections. Check it out. The following are the top three key takeaways for designing with HSS connections: The...

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Designing with HSS: ERW Manufacturing Process

by Bradlee Fletcher on December 11, 2012

Hollow structural sections are used as a structural element in buildings, bridges and other structures, and in a wide variety of manufactured products. It's produced in round, square and rectangular shapes in a broad range of sizes and gauges. Watch the fifth installment of the Designing with HSS video series and learn about the production valu...

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