Top 5 Features of the Atlas Pipe Pile App

by Jim Erhart on June 19, 2017

There is a lot to think about when you are working on a deep foundations project – from the type of soil you are facing to how far into the ground you need to drill to stabilize, the last thing you want to think about is which ERW straight seam pipe pile to use at the job site. That’s why we came up with a mobile...

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A Guide to A1085 (Frequently Asked Questions)

by Bradlee Fletcher on May 23, 2017

As I travel the country talking to colleagues, I get a lot of questions about A1085. Since some of the same questions come up time and time again, I thought it would be helpful if I wrote them down as part of a “Frequently Asked Questions” guide to A1085. I hope you find this FAQ helpful when designing with A1085 on your next project....

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Recapping NASCC 2017

by Bradlee Fletcher on April 11, 2017

NASCC 2017 was held in the background of the famous San Antonio River Walk at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. With a record crowd of over 4,500 attendees, the show featured more than 200 exhibitors and 100 different educational seminar! The Steel Conference was an overwhelmi...

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An Introduction to CSA – Class H

by Bradlee Fletcher on January 19, 2017

You’ve probably heard about CSA - Class H material at some point but might not be familiar with it. Today, I’d like to reintroduce you to Class H. What is CSA G40.21 50W/350W Class H? As defined in CSA G40.20, Class H Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are produced by one of two methods: (A) seamless or furnace-...

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